Red Tail Distilling

On a Whiskey Run...

Coming Soon...

Red Tail Distilling was founded by Dan Johnson in the Fall of 2017.  The idea struck him as he crossed the Kickapoo River headed home to the farm after a run into Gays Mills to fetch a bottle of Wild Turkey 101.  The selection of Wild Turkey was intentional in that when compared to other big brands, which is what is primarily available in small towns, it is one of the few that uses non-genetically modified corn.   With the anticipation of a dram (or two) at the end of the work day snug beside him,  surrounded by forested bluffs mixed with corn fields and pastures, and the contemplations of using locally produced grains for making whiskey and other spirits,  the Red Tail dream was sparked.
Red Tail Distilling is a planned craft distillery committed to small batch spirits production from the grains and waters of the Driftless Region of Wisconsin.  We are both fortunate and excited to have found a home on Main Street in Viroqua, WI in the heart of an area that has been a national leader in the organic,  local and sustainable foods movement.  Our goal is to capture the flavor and history of our land and communities with the mashing and fermenting of heritage and heirloom varieties of grains that we will distill to create whiskey, vodka, gin, and liqueurs.  While our revenue will come from the sale of premium spirits, both at our distillery tasting room and through distribution,  our interest is also in promoting economic development that supports local businesses while protecting our region's unique natural history. 

Welcome to Viroqua...

Over the last two years Red Tail Distilling has been in the business planning phase. In January of 2019 we began the process of purchasing an old auto garage and motel/storage units on an acre of land on Main Street in Viroqua, WI.  This property was chosen because of its highly visible location at the south end of town, and the potential for it to become an attractive first impression as one enters Viroqua.  Through the redevelopment of this property and renovation of an old 1940's building, we plan to create a commercial space that reflects traditional design and a connection to the rural landscape with an eye towards a new future.  Not only do we want to be successful ourselves but we want to add to the vibrant Viroqua community by becoming a destination that draws visitors and is an enjoyable space for locals.

(and get some delicious beef while you are at it)